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FLASH!!!    Covid-19 changes everything.  90% of requirements waived and processing in1-2 weeks now in effect.  Call for more information.  386-212-0007

Compeditive bidding changes everything!  Contact me by email or phone for details.

New DME documentation and product requirements as of January 1, 2014 and just now clarified by CMS

Private clients please go to the private client area and follow the instructons or contact us for assistance in meeting these requirements.

The new clarifications mean that chiropractors should become certified orthotic fitters to be in position to continue to be re-imbursed at the current high levels.  if you are new to this, you can contact me for further information.  386-212-0007 or

CMS has changed significantly the documentation requirements, coding requirements, and, soon, the reimbursement levels for lumbar bracing.  I anticipate a 50% reduction or more in current reimbursements if you do not upgrade your documentation and systems to meet the higher level required for reimbursement.   

As of September 24, 2012, a new ruling has been put into effect by DME Medicare.  Chiropractors are no longer able to apply for certification using the physician route and now must use another route to achieve DME certification.  This new new route has both advantages and disadvantages for chiropractors.  The new ruling directly affects all chiropractors that are currently applying for certification.  It is now clear that previously certified chiropractors will be asked to be accredited and purchase a surety bond to be recertified.  Existing DME certifications to chiropractors will cease on June 30, 2013.  

Every chiropractor in the certification process is recommended to get in touch with me as soon as possible to answer specific questions. 

Also, every chiropractor who is currently certified must do the accreditation process as soon as possible as it can take some time. I can help you with that and save you money, time, and headaches in keeping your DME certification with Medicare.

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