Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why use Antos & Associates?

A:  We offer streamlined and, with the minimum of effort, an efficient and complete service to the physician.  We help with filing out the proper application forms, establishing the proper documentation, help in qualifying patients, and advice on the proper DME equipment to use and not to use.  We also offer a strong number of appropriate DME products to enhance your clinical outcomes and bottom line.

Q:  Can I get personal help?

A:  Dr. Antos is available by phone (1-386-212-0007) or email (  If he does not answer, please leave a message and he will get back to you as soon as possible.  We try to answer all messages within 24 hours.

Q:  What if I already have a DME but need help?  I now understand I may need accreditation to keep my PTAN#.

A:  For a $989 fee you can become a private client with all the privileges for the DME consulting receives.  This includes help with whatever your particular situation requires.

Q:  I have been told a chiropractor cannot be a DME provider?

A:  Not true.  Dr. Antos and many other chiropractors who are our private clients are DME providers and enjoy the rights and benefits every day. 

Q:  Can it be profitable to be a DME provider as a chiropractor?

A:  Yes.  A small practice can generate as much as $20-50,000 profit or more per year and still be conservative in application.

Q:  What are the complete costs to being a DME provider/supplier?

A:  Besides our consulting fee, the applications cost is around $550 to the government.  Also, now required (as of Sept. 21, 2012) a chiropractor must use an approved accrediting company to be eligible to apply for a DME.  We have recommendations for this service with preferred treatment for our clients.  Average cost for this is about $6,500.  This includes all the various costs the government now requires such as necessary insurances, office site visits, policy and procedure manuals, and accreditation company fees.

The average cost to become a DME provider/supplier, including the initial application costs, works out to about $208 per month at this time, if you amortize the costs to become certified over a three year period.

Q:  What can an average, small chiropractic office expect in DME profits per year if they are acting responsibly?

A:  It is not uncommon for a chiropractic office to do $20-80,000 per year in DME back braces (net profit) alone.  One would do more or less depending on patient mix.  Remember, we only recommend providing DME products and supplies to those patients who qualify and have a true need.

Q:  The Medicare approved payout on lumbar braces seems high and too good to be true.  Will this change in the future?

A:  No one knows the future and goverment, on the one hand is always looking to save money (sometimes I wonder about that).  I suspect that even if the reimbursement is reduced there will still be a healthy net profit margin.  Nevertheless, right now the margins are very good.

Q:  I have heard tha there are new changes in the year 2014 that hurt DME re-mbursements?

A:  Not ture.  Re-imbursements continue to be the same and are very strong.  The current changes as of January 2014 are concerning documentation and billing codesd.  Important but do not affect the bootm line at this time.

Q;  Is it necessary for a chiropractor to become a certified orthotic fitter?

A:  No, not at this time....but it is a very good idea to do so to continue to receive high prfit margins as changes occur in the future.  Our clients are able to do so with low cost and ease.

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