Orthotics Certification

Orthotics Fitters Certification

We are most interested in the orthotics fitter portion.  The masectomy portion and foot orthotics may not be necessary but interested parties can look at those as well.

I like this one the best.  They offer a great and simple program for anyone, and treat chiropractors with excellent considerations.

Go to this link http://oandpedu.com/fitter-classes to sign up for the orthotic fitters program.  It is a simple application. Please mention you are referred by Dr. Antos for special considerations.

Contact Minerva at PRN, 210-687-4726

Consultants PRN Incorporated 

O and P EDU

phone 530-229-0337

email jhewlett@consultantsprn.com

email trainingstaff@oandpedu.com

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