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Get Your DME Certification with an Expert!

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Ready for your DME certification? Be sure to use a Qualified DME Guide and Consultant. They will save you time, save you money and and save you headaches! Let Dr. Antos show you the way. Watch our 1 minute video to learn more!

Dr Antos, DC Lumbar Brace Literature Review

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Why use lumbar braces? James C. Antos, DC, reviews some of the available literature supporting the use of lumbar support orthotics (LSO) as a way to help patients heal form current conditions and prevent future problems.

Why Does Medicare Approve Back Braces?

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Lumbar braces can help your patients and improve your bottom line! James Antos, DC can help you discover the secrets of unlocking the profit potential of becoming a Certified Medicare DME Provider. Learn more by watching this short video.

What Does a Lumbar Brace Really Do?

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James C. Antos, DC explains how Lumbar Braces, when worn properly, help patients with chronic exacerbating lower back pain limit excessive rotatory movement, allowing inflammation to decrease.

What is a DME?

DME means "Durable Medical Equipment". A DME certification is a status granted to a person or entity by Medicare... click here to read more

Why get a DME?

For a physician (medial doctor, osteopathic doctor, chiropractic doctor) the benefits are very straightforward. In appropriate patient cases and with appropriate documentation, Medicare reimburement rates are good at this time ... click here to read more


Success story

“Dr. Antos provides an excellent consulting service for those doctors who are interested in becoming a DME provider... click here to read more

DME News

As of September 24, 2012, a new ruling has been put into effect by DME Medicare... click here to read more



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